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Wagon Train - The Complete Color Season
Discs in this Set:
9139Disc 1 / 9140Disc 2 / 9141Disc 3 / 9142Disc 4 / 9143Disc 5 / 9144Disc 6 / 9145Disc 7 / 9146Disc 8 / 9147Disc 9 / 9148Disc 10 / 9149Disc 11 / 9150Disc 12 (BONUS EPISODES) / 9151Disc 13 (BONUS EPISODES) / 9152Disc 14 (BONUS EPISODES) / 9153Disc 15 (BONUS EPISODES) / 9154DISC)
Inspired by John Ford's classic 1950 film, "Wagon Master", Wagon Train debuted on Wednesday, September 18, 1957 on the NBC Television Network. Ward Bond, who starred in "Wagonmaster", recreated his role from the film as Wagonmaster Major Seth Adams. He was joined by costars Robert Horton as Head Scout Flint McCullough, Frank McGrath as the cook Charlie Wooster, and Terry Wilson as Assistant Wagon master Bill Hawks, who all brought their skills as horsemen as well as wonderful western actors to the show, giving Wagon Train a special, western flavor.

Each well crafted episode focused on a personal story of courage and perseverance of not just the main cast, but of the westward-bound emigrants as they made the perilous journey by Conestoga wagon from the banks of the Mississippi to California's Pacific shores in the face of great odds.

The cast was joined each week by Hollywood's brightest stars in guest roles. The ensemble acting, wonderful scripts and great western scenery soon made Wagon Train a fixture in American homes on Wednesday nights, as millions of Americans of all ages tuned in to NBC for classic family entertainment.

When Ward Bond passed away during the 4th season, he was replaced by John McIntire as Christopher Hale, who took over as the new Wagonmaster, a role he played till the series ended in 1965. There were other cast changes as well, Denny Scott Miller took on the role of assistant scout Duke Shannon in 1961, and when Robert Horton left the show in 1963, the producer Howard Christie brought in Robert Fuller (Laramie) as the new scout Cooper Smith. Christie also brought Michael Burns onboard the wagon train as Barnaby West, a teenager looking for his lost father on the trail. One-time stunt man Frank McGrath's character Charlie Wooster, Wagon Train's irrepressible cook, was the only cast member to remain with the show for its entire run.

Another big change to Wagon Train in 1963, its 7th season, was the expansion from a one- hour format in black and white, to 90 minutes in color. In its longer format, the 7th season combined both expanded story-lines and remarkable color photography of the scenic western landscape, and allowed for greater character and plot line development.

Guest stars continued to grace Wagon Train, including performances by Barbara Stanwyck, Ronald Reagan, Peter Falk, Suzanne Pleshette, Bruce Dern, Rhonda Fleming, Burgess Meredith, Neville Brand, Annette Funicello and many, many more!

These 32 color episodes of that 7th season are fully restored and mastered from the original NBC Universal masters by TMG, which is proud to present them for the first time on DVD.

Many fine guest stars appear in these stories of the great westward migration of the 1800's, including Anne Bancroft, Harry Carey Jr., Dan Duryea, Harry Von Zell and Ann Sheridan.

  • An exclusive look behind the scenes with two of Wagon Train's most memorable actors, Robert Fuller and Denny Scott Miller, who played Scouts Cooper Smith and Duke Shannon. The two stars speak freely about the family of creative people who brought you Wagon Train, from the wranglers and stunt men, to the stars and the producers of the hit series.
  • Bonus DVDs - 16 Classic Episodes of Wagon Train on 4 DVD discs


The Molly Kincaid Story
Guest Stars: Barbara Stanwyck, Carolyn Jones, Fabian, Harry Carey, Jr.

The Fort Pierce Story
Guest Stars: Ronald Reagan, Ann Blyth, John Doucette

The Gus Morgan Story
Guest Stars: Peter Falk, Tommy Sands


The Widow O'Rourke Story
Guest Stars: Robert Fuller in a dual role, Carol Lawrence

The Robert Harrison Clarke Story
Guest Stars: Michael Rennie, Brian Keith, Henry Silva, Royal Dano

The Myra Marshall Story
Guest Stars: Suzanne Pleshette, Hal Needham


The Sam Spicer Story
Guest Stars: Clu Gulager, Ed Begley

The Sam Pulaski Story

Guest Stars: Ross Martin, Annette Funicello, Morgan Woodward

The Eli Bancroft Story

Guest Stars: Leif Erickson, Bruce Dern, David Carradine


The Kitty Pryor Story
Guest Stars: Diana Hyland, Bradford Dillman

The Sandra Cummings Story
Guest Stars: Rhonda Fleming

The Bleecker Story
Guest Stars: Joan Blondell, Ruta Lee, Ed Nelson


The Story of Cain
Guest Stars: Anne Helm, Ron Hayes

The Cassie Vance Story
Guest Stars: Laraine Day, Richard Carlson

The Fenton Canaby Story
Guest Stars: Jack Kelly


The Michael Malone Story
Guest Stars: Michael Parks, Dick York, Joyce Bulifant

The Jed Whitmore Story
Guest Stars: Neville Brand, Jan Clayton

The Geneva Balfour Story
Guest Stars: Robert Lansing, Peter Brown, Sheery Jackson


The Kate Crawley Story
Guest Stars: Barbara Stanwyck, Noah Beery

The Grover Allen Story
Guest Stars: Burgess Meredith, Nancy Gates

The Andrew Elliott Story
Guest Stars: Everett Sloane, Dick Sargent, Skip Homeier


The Melaine Craig Story
Guest Stars: Mynra Fahey, Jim Davis

The Pearlie Garnet Story
Guest Stars: Sharon Farrell, Marilyn Maxwell

The Trace McCloud Story
Guest Stars: Larry Pennell, Audrey Dalton


The Duncan McIvor Story
Guest Stars: Ron Hayes, Chris Robinson

The Ben Engel Story
Guest Stars: John Doucette, Clu Gulager

The Whipping
Guest Stars: Martin Balsam, Jeanne Cooper

DISC 10:

The Santiago Quesada Story

Guest Stars: Joseph Wiseman, Peery Lopez, Jena Engstrom

The Stark Bluff Story
Guest Stars: Ray Danton, Jean Hale

The Link Cheney Story

Guest Stars: Charles Drake, Pippa Scott

DISC 11:

The Zebedee Titus Story
Guest Stars: Neville Brand, Angela Dorian

The Last Circle Up
Guest Stars: Tom Skerritt, Naomi Stevens, Joe De Santis


The Clara Beauchamp Story
Guest Stars: Nina Foch, Shepperd Strudwick

The Zeke Thomas Story
Guest Stars: Gary Merrill, Janice Rule

The Cliff Grundy Story
Guest Stars: Dan Duryea, Russell Johnson, Don Durant

A Man Called Horse
Guest Stars: Ralph Meeker, Michael Pate


The Old Man Charvanaugh Story
Guest Stars: J. Carrol Naish, Dorothy Green

The Kitty Angel Story
Guest Stars: Anne Bancroft, Henry Hull

Chuck Wooster, Wagonmaster
Guest Stars: Harry Carey, Jr., Douglas Kennedy, Jean Inness

The Jess MacAbee Story
Guest Stars: Andy Devine, Glenda Farrell


The Larry Hanify Story
Guest Stars: Tommy Sands, Gene Roth, Cindy Robbins

The Patience Miller Story
Guest Stars: Rhonda Fleming, Michael Ansara, Jason Robards, Sr.

The Duke Shannon Story
Guest Stars: Frank McHugh, Mandie Prickett

Guest Stars: Harry Von Zell, Lenore Kingston


The Mavis Grant Story
Guest Stars: Ann Sheridan, Parley Baer

The Sam Darland Story

Guest Stars: Art Linkletter, Nancy Davis

Little Girl Lost
Guest Stars: John Doucette, Eileen Baral

The Katy Piper Story

Guest Stars: Frances Reid, Don Beddoe


  • Exclusive interviews with Wagon Train stars, Robert Fuller (Cooper Smith) and Denny Scott Miller (Duke Shannon)


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