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Thunder Mountain
Thunder Mountain (1947)
Actor: Tim Holt, Martha Hyer, Richard Martin, Steve Brodie, Virginia Owen, Jason Robards Sr., Harry Woods, Tom Keene, Robert Clarke
Director: Lew Landers
Genre: Westerns
Year: 1947
Studio: Lionsgate
Length: 60 minutes
Released: February 7, 2006
Rating: NR
Format: DVD
Misc: NTSC, Full Screen, Black & White
Language: English (Original Language)
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In this tale of honor and justice, one man must fight to save both the land of his forefathers and himself. Returning home from college, Marvin Hayden finds that his ranch is about to be auctioned off to a local saloonkeeper and the corrupt town sheriff. Forced to fight the sinister two and a long-standing family feud, Hayden finds himself in the ultimate battle for his life!

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  • The real stars

    paulf | 05/13/2015
    Faltering plot line of this Tim Holt western keeps its hero cooling his heels in jail and off screen for a lengthy stretch while his elderly lawyer (Jason Robards Sr.) digs up the evidence to clear him of a phony murder rap. But the real stars of the show are the sculptural rock formations of Lone Pine, Ca., the film's location, which tell a story as old as time. Tim is sprung for the exciting climactic showdown, skillfully orchestrated by director Lew Landers, and villains Harry Woods and Richard Powers receive their just rewards. Being obliged to sweat out the desert sun in heavy, woolen suits seems punishing enough for the two actors though.
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