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That Girl - Season 2
That Girl - Season 2 (1967)
Actor: Marlo Thomas, Ted Bessell, Dabney Coleman, Bonnie Scott, Lew Parker, Bernie Kopell, Ethel Merman, Rob Reiner, Teri Garr, Ruth Buzzi, Robert Alda, (more) Rich Little, Bill Bixby, Norman Fell, Joan Blondell, Sid Caesar
Director: Hal Cooper, Ted Bessell
Genre: Comedy, Television
Year: 1967
Studio: Shout! Factory
Length: 840 minutes
Released: November 14, 2006
Rating: NR
Format: DVD
Misc: Color, NTSC
Language: English (Original Language)
Discs in this Set:
2595Disc 1 / 2596Disc 2 / 2597Disc 3 / 2598Disc 4
Ann and Donald are back for the second season of the groundbreaking hit sitcom That Girl, which aired in 1967-1968. This season debuted with one of the most popular episodes from the series. In Pass the Potatoes, Ann gets a one-line role in a short-term revival of Gypsy and invites Ethel Merman (playing herself) back to her apartment for a home-cooked meal.

Here are all 30 color episodes from the second season, along with rare bonus material and guest appearances by Sid Caesar, Rob Reiner, Teri Garr, Ruth Buzzi, Rich Little, Bill Bixby, Norman Fell, Joan Blondell and Ethel Merman. Bonus Features: Marlo Thomas Interview Featurette, never-aired 1965 Pilot for Two's Company starring Marlo Thomas, Audio Commentaries with Marlo Thomas and series co-creator Bill Persky.

  • Pass the Potatoes
  • The Good Skate
  • Black, White and Read All Over
  • To Each Her Own
  • The Apartment
  • Absence Makes the Heart Grow Nervous (Part One)
  • The Philadelphia Story (Part Two)
  • That Show... That Woman... The Creation of That Girl: A New Beginning For Women with Marlo Thomas
  • There's Nothing to Be Afreud of But Freud Himself
  • The Collaborators
  • When In Rome
  • Thanksgiving Comes But Once a Year, Hopefully
  • The Mailman Cometh
  • It's a Mod Mod World (Part One)
  • It's a Mod Mod World (Part Two)
  • Never Before Aired "Two's Company Pilot"
  • 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, You're Under Arrest
  • A Friend In Need
  • Fur All We Know
  • The Rivals
  • Sixty-Five on the Aisle
  • Call of the Wild
  • The Other Woman
  • He and She and He
  • Odpdypahimcaifss (Translation: "Oh Don, Poor Don, Your Pants Are Hanging In My Closet And I'm Feeling So Sad")
  • Great Guy
  • The Detective Story
  • If You Were Almost the Only Man in the World
  • Just Spell the Name Right
  • The Beard
  • The Drunkard
  • Old Man's Darling
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