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Spies (1928)
Actor: Rudolf Klein-Rogge, Gerda Maurus, Willy Fritsch, Lupu Pick, Fritz Rasp, Lien Deyers, Louis Ralph, Craighall Sherry
Director: Fritz Lang
Genre: Silent, Mystery/Thiller
Year: 1928
Studio: Kino Video
Length: 150 minutes
Released: February 23, 2016
Rating: NR
Format: DVD
Misc: NTSC, Full Screen, Black & White
Language: English (Subtitled), German (Original Language)
Having defined the espionage genre with Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler, Fritz Lang returned to the genre with this surprisingly fast-paced and remarkably grim thriller.

Rudolf Kleine-Rogge stars as Haghi, the head of an elaborate criminal empire, and Willy Fritsch is the undercover agent assigned to topple the diabolical king from his throne.

Filled with the intrigue and high-tech gadgetry that continue to define the genre, Spies remains remarkably contemporary, more than 85 years after its original release.

  • 2K Digital Restoration by the F.W. Murnau Stiftung
  • Piano score by Neil Brand
  • Spies: A Small Film With Lots of Action
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
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