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Soupy Sales - In Living Black and White
Soupy Sales - In Living Black and White (1959)
Actor: Soupy Sales, Donald O'Connor, Clyde Adler
Director: ---
Genre: Comedy, Television
Year: 1959
Studio: Morada Vision
Length: 150 minutes
Released: September 26, 2006
Rating: NR
Format: DVD
Misc: NTSC, Full Screen, Black & White
Language: English (Original Language)
Morada Vision is proud to present our 2nd Soupy Sales collection featuring classic Soupy shows in Living Black & White. All of the zany characters that made Soupy the favorite of the baby boomer generation are here to enjoy again.

Soupy Does the Mouse!
If was a dance craze that spread around the nation. Soupy Sales doing the Mouse! See the first time he introduced it to America. Put your hands together by your ears, hop from side to side and listen to the Soupster sing and dance the Mouse.

Pookie Sings the Blues
We have seen some great bluesmen - B.B. King, Muddy Waters, and now the one and only Pookie the Lion. In addition to his lead role in the legendary Pookie Players, we are treated to Pookie doing the blues.

Fan Retrieves An Arm!
Walter "White Fang" - the meanest dog in the world - according to Soupy. While Soupy plays fetch with White Fang, instead of bringing back the bone, Fang shows up with the detached arm of a crew member.

Donald O'Connor guest stars in a skit under the "Bonus Soupy" section.

  • Ah, do I miss this guy! I thoroughly enjoyed this ..

    Kevin | 01/20/2013
    Ah, do I miss this guy! I thoroughly enjoyed this show as a kid on WNEW-TV Metromedia, New York's channel 5, and the enjoyment came from the unpredictability of the antics, here. Pookie, his lion puppet, would mime to the dubbed in pop music or Soupy would always check for the weather, turning the dial on the radio (yes, there were dials back then) with bits of pop music thrown in with comic advertisements...even when the gags backfired, Soupy's expressions were absolutely hilarious! I recommend this to any fan, and I'd sure love to see more of this series of disks, if this was a series.
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