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Loretta Young's The Road to Lourdes and Other Miracles of Faith
Loretta Young's The Road to Lourdes and Other Miracles of Faith (1959)
Actor: Loretta Young, Robert Brubaker, Joseph Cuby, Victor Francen, Claude Akins, Virginia Christine, Renny McEvoy
Director: Rudolph Mate, Richard Morris
Genre: Drama, Television
Year: 1959
Studio: VCI
Length: 200 minutes
Released: December 4, 2007
Rating: NR
Format: DVD
Misc: NTSC, Black & White
Language: English (Original Language)

The Road to Lourdes (1959)
Loretta Young stars as a spoiled American in Paris diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.  During a drive to Spain she makes a surprise visit to Lourdes, through the eyes of a local boy she meets along the road, she comes to understand the pure faith of those who line up to bathe in the healing waters of the popular religious shrine and discovers that miracles really do happen. Filmed entirely in France in 1959, the inspirational film was an episode of the Emmy Award winning series The Loretta Young Show.

Also included are three special episodes from The Loretta Young Show:

Three, and Two Please A.K.A. Sister Ann's Christmas (Original air date: 12-16-56)
Loretta Young portrays Sister Ann, head nurse in a busy hospital who works hard to make this a merry Christmas for two of her more difficult patients - a crotchety old man played by Vaughn Taylor, and a small boy, Eugene Martin, who is in despair over the bicycle nobody can afford to buy him for Christmas.

Sister Ann (Original air date: 1-11-59)
When Sister Ann (Loretta Young) decides to contribute her tiny fortune to a building fund for Mercy Hospital, her contribution goes to much more than just building an additional hospital floor.

Faith, Hope and Mr. Flaherty (Original air date: 5-08-60)
In this episode, Sister Ann makes an investment with money that isn’t hers. When Mrs. Flaherty, a patient at Mercy Hospital, gives the nun five dollars for the hospital building fund Sister Ann invests the sum in another way. Her investment reaps big returns, but it also brings big problems with it. J. M. Kerrigan plays Mrs. Flaherty.

  • The 67 cures at Lourdes recognized as miracles by the Church
  • The Prayer of Bernadette
  • Christopher Lewis, Loretta Young's son, interview on the making of the Road to Lourdes
  • Linda Lewis, Loretta Young's daughter-in-law, on the continuing miracles of the Road to Lourdes
  • Classic TV Commercials.
  • Trailers
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