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Kiss the Blood Off My Hands (Universal Vault Series)
Kiss the Blood Off My Hands (Universal Vault Series) (1948)
Actor: Joan Fontaine, Burt Lancaster, Robert Newton, Lewis L. Russell, Jay Novello, Colin Keith-Johnston, Reginald Sheffield, Campbell Copelin, Leyland Hodgson, Peter Hobbes, Jimmy Aubrey, (more) Melinda Byron, Harry Cording, John George, Harold Goodwin, Harold Goodwin (II), Frank Hagney, Robin Hughes, Kenner G. Kemp, Colin Kenny, David McMahon, Jack Stoney, Harry Tenbrook, Harry Wilson
Director: Norman Foster
Genre: Crime, Drama, Film Noir, Murder, Romantic Drama, (more) Thrillers/Suspense, Crime Drama
Year: 1948
Studio: Universal Studios
Length: 80 minutes
Released: November 1, 2016
Rating: NR
Format: DVD
Misc: NTSC, Full Screen, Black & White
Language: English (Original Language)
Joan Fontaine and Burt Lancaster star in Kiss the Blood off My Hands, a classic film noir about fate and love amongst the most unlikely individuals.

Former P.O.W Bill Saunders (Lancaster) is living in England and scarred with unstable and violent tendencies. After killing a man in a bar fight, he flees the scene and manages to find cover in the home of Nurse Jane Wharton (Fontaine) who agrees to take him in and believes his version of the story being an accident. Now in love, nurse Warton tries to secure Saunders a job delivering medical supplies after being released from prison after serving time for fighting with a police officer. Things take a turn, however, when a racketeer (Robert Newton) who witnessed Saunder's murder threatens to turn him into the police unless he agrees to assist in a crime.
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