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The Arizona Raiders
The Arizona Raiders (1936)
Actor: Buster Crabbe, Raymond Hatton, Marsha Hunt, Betty Jane Rhodes, Johnny Downs, Arthur Aylesworth, Augie Gomez, Bob Card, Don Rowan, Grant Withers, Herbert Heywood, (more) James P. Burtis, Ken Cooper, Petra Silva, Richard Carle, Spike Spackman
Director: James P. Hogan
Genre: Westerns
Year: 1936
Studio: Lionsgate
Length: 57 minutes
Released: February 7, 2006
Rating: NR
Format: DVD
Misc: NTSC, Full Screen, Black & White
Language: English (Original Language)
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After being falsely accused of horse theft, Laramie Nelson is about to be hung when a twist of fate and an angry horse enable his escape. Laramie and his two cohorts find safe refuge at a ranch in a small Arizona town. But their hideaway soon becomes a battleground when Laramie is forced to stand against the biggest cattle thieves the west has ever seen!

  • True Stories of Zane Grey
    • Outdoor Adventures with an Introduction by Loren Grey
    • Fisherman's Pluck
    • An American Legend
  • General air of ineptitude

    paulf | 09/03/2015
    Tacky, sloppy oater signifies little regard by its production team for either westerns or the viewers who enjoy them. Feckless screenplay dumps a load of comic relief into a story that has virtually no drama to start with that would require any relief. The general air of ineptitude is so prevalent that even a capable performer like heroine Marsha Hunt is made to look like a rank amateur. A horse stampede finale that could have redeemed the show is a botched up mess.
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